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Luxurious Hot Stone & Deep Tissue Massages

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Say goodbye to stress and chronic pain when you schedule a hot stone or deep tissue massage at Key to Health Massage. Based in McMinnville, Oregon, our therapists specialize in a variety of luxurious massages designed to sooth your muscles and aches. Massage facilitates deep healing and helps to banish carpal tunnel syndrome by helping you become more flexible.

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage: During ashiatsu, or "ashi," meaning foot, and "atsu," meaning pressure, our specialists use gliding strokes to work your muscles. Soft, clean feet ease away your pain during this deep and lavish massage. Choose from 60 or 90-minute sessions.

Deep Tissue: Using heavy pressure and slow strokes, our therapists focus on your muscle's deepest layers of tissue. This technique releases pressure in old scar tissue, providing lasting relief from chronic pain.

Hot Stone: During this soothing massage, your therapist uses heated stones to create long, flowing strokes that melt tension. This nurturing service is available at our downtown office.

Pre & Postnatal: If you or a loved one is pregnant, come in for this safe and relaxing massage any time. This exclusive massage reduces lower back pain, improves sleep and digestion, and decreases fluid retention. Choose from 30 or 90-minute sessions. Pre and postnatal massage certificates are the perfect gifts for new mothers.

Reiki: Key to Health Massage helps you facilitate physical and emotional healing with positive energy. Schedule a Reiki healing session today to overcome emotional hurdles after surgery or hospitalizations. Reiki training is also available at our downtown office.

Shiatsu: Using rhythmical compression, vibration, and static pressure, this Japanese therapy balances both your body and its energy. Shiatsu, or "shi," meaning finger, and "atsu," meaning pressure, consists primarily of finger kneading over loose clothing. Bring your own clothing, or use one of our gowns for just $2. This massage is available at our Westside location.

Swedish: The 'touchstone' of therapeutic massage, this treatment features a variety of strokes, and works within your comfort range to provide relaxation and stress relief. All of our therapists offer this enduring favorite.

Tune Up: Our specialists use tuning forks on and over your body to encourage balance and stimulate your acupuncture points and meridians. As a technician recalibrates a precision tool, so we "tune" your body's system. A tune-up session is great for relieving chronic pain and emotional distress. One session may include a massage, Reiki healing, and light weaving.

Contact us to make your appointment for hot stone, deep tissue, or Swedish style massages, and treat yourself to a healing experience.